Phone: 385-256-3281

This is our community, and I'm ready to work for it.

I’m excited to represent District 44 because I want to build better communities. I have deep roots here; I grew up in the valley, attending high school at Brighton High. I’ve served this community working in its schools, watched over it as Chair of the Midvale Community Council, and defended its streets as a Murray City Prosecutor.

I earned my bachelor's degree at the University of Utah and my law degree at Brigham Young University. I've worked in various positions in education, and gained experience volunteering and working for agencies dealing with criminal justice, including the Utah Crime Victims Clinic, Rocky Mountain Innocence Project, and now Murray City. My wife grew up in the valley as well and we have been married almost ten years. Eight years ago we moved into this district, and we chose to stay and raise our three boys here.

I’ve seen first hand how education and safety impact the entire community. We can work together to bring these priorities to Capitol Hill and reach our full potential. I know this community -- and I’m ready to get to work on the issues that matter to us.

Personal cell number: 801-884-9943