Even though we are not in the full-time session, I have been busy attending interim meetings, meeting with different constituents and groups, and working on legislation for next year’s session.

Here are a few bills I am working on in hopes that they are ready for the next session:

  • Lauren’s Law

  • A gun relinquishment bill that would require people who are firearm restricted to provide proof to the court that they no longer possess firearms or ammunition

  • A bill that would help protect consumers by prohibiting companies from using a mortgage lender’s name and logo in an attempt to appear official

  • And a few bills to help the criminal justice process be more user-friendly

If you have any ideas for legislation, please reach out! Bill ideas from constituents make the best laws.

the 2019 legislative session is at a close, but the work is just beginning. what are your ideas to improve utah?

Unsurprisingly, it has been an honor and a pleasure serving as your Representative in Utah’s 163rd legislative session. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with ideas, concerns, and questions. If you haven’t yet, consider this your personal invitation to call, write, or come by!

You believe in your community. Andrew does too.

Andrew Stoddard stepped up to represent House District 44 in the Utah House of Representatives because he believes in the potential of the community he loves. Together, we can continue to build a better future for District 44 and its people -- our people. Questions? Email him at andrew@voteandrewstoddard.com or call at 801-884-9943.




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