Right now, we are waiting for Lauren’s Law to be voted out of the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee. Your voice makes a huge difference in convincing members of the committee to let this bill be heard by the full House of Representatives.


  • Find out who represents you at Lawmakers are much more likely to listen to constituents!

  • Please be brief, respectful, and clear!

  • Include where you live, so they can determine if you are a constituent.

  • Explain your personal reasons for supporting the bill, and why you feel it is good policy that deserves a debate on the floor of the House.

  • Remember that legislators are just people, and they do their best to make informed and positive decisions for the good of all of Utah. We work together better when we are understanding and kind to each other.

  • Don’t see your representatives on the committee? Email your reps anyway — your voice is important, and your representatives are there to listen. They will want to have your feedback when the time comes to vote on the bill.

Members of the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee include:

Representative Lee Perry- 435-225-0430 (contact form)

Representative Kim Coleman - 801-865-8970

Representative Sandra Hollins - 801-363-4257

Representative Kelly Miles - 801-458-8270

Representative Val Potter - 435-757-9834

Representative Paul Ray - 801-725-2719

Representative Angela Romero - 801-722-4972

Representative Mike Schultz - 801-859-7713

Representative Casey Snider - 435-890-3383

Representative Mark Strong - 385-275-5682

Andrew Stoddard - 385-256-3281 (that's me!)