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Week of July 30th


William S., Midvale

I’ve had a lot of economic hardship over my life. I’ve had some great jobs, and due to some unfortunate circumstances, I lost those positions. I’ve learned first hand how hard it is to get by when you can’t get a job. I’ve started to truly understand the difference between a hand out and a help up. That’s why I vote Democratic because they truly believe in providing a help up. Get us back on our feet and moving forward and able to contribute again.

I’m voting for Andrew because I want somebody who understands the needs of our district and who is going to put our needs above partisan politics. Who is going to take care of the needs and interests of the people who live in our district, not somebody who is following the party line, who is going to only vote in block. I want somebody who is going to stand up for the needs and values of my district, and that’s why I’m voting for Andrew.


Ermiya F., Midvale

There are a lot of things on the line for me this upcoming November as a young trans woman of color, I have a lot of concerns around my safety when it comes to school, certain laws that are going to be introduced, certain statutes that are going to be introduced around my identity and protections as a trans person.

I am a student in this country that lacks common sense gun laws… I certainly do not feel safe in our schools and I think I speak for my fellow students when I say that. The high murder rate for trans women of color in this country… In 2018, 18 trans women of color have been murdered, and that’s because there’s no federal protections and no strong state protections that prevent these murders, that actually protect us a minority group. I am in this constant state of fear due to the experiences of my fellow students and my fellow community members.

And in order for me to really feel secure, and to really feel represented in our state legislature is to get a representative that can actually listen to me, and actually cares about my concerns and my democratic values, and I know that Andrew will do exactly that.

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