Support The Road Home this holiday season!

There are so many ways to help out this holiday season! The Road Home is an important part of Midvale City and I am always grateful for opportunities to support their work. As we move into colder months, they are in need of blankets for the adult men and women they serve!. Donate online using to have part of your purchase come back to The Road Home or bring donations to 210 S. Rio Grande Street, Monday through Sunday, 8am-7pm. Thank you!


Note on Prop 2

The voters of HD44 elected me to protect their interests, and one I heard about overwhelmingly on the campaign trail was Proposition 2. Fittingly, one of my first meetings on my very first day on Capitol Hill was about the future of Prop 2.

From my view, there are far too many unknowns in this compromise to consider its current form as a reasonable alternative to the ballot initiative voted for by the people of Utah. I will continue to watch for updates, but I am determined to ensure that Utahns receive the treatment and resources they need.

Thank You, House District 44!

With all precincts reporting and our team holding steady at a 1,001 vote lead, I have accepted the concession of my opponent and am proud to be your next Representative. I would like to thank current Representative Bruce Cutler for his service to the district and for a respectful, clean race.

This victory was never a guarantee, and it truly belongs to you, the voters of House District 44. You turned out in historic numbers -- over 50% of registered voters cast a ballot this year -- and that increased participation is an encouraging victory for all of us. Our government is better when everyone plays a part.

Thank you for the passion you hold for our shared community. One look at the vote report is all I need to see that this win would not have been possible without people from every corner of this district coming together in pursuit of a shared vision for their future. I look forward to hearing from you in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, and working together to continue building better communities.


Election Night Returns

Well folks, the final canvass won’t be until November 20th, but the numbers are looking great for us. There are still uncounted votes out there, but I’m hopeful that you have chosen me to be your next representative. It's such an incredible honor and privilege, and a heavy responsibility which I will attend to with the energy and commitment we brought to this campaign.

I want first to thank my wife Rachel - the spouse of a candidate sacrifices more than you'll ever know, and she has made those sacrifices willingly and without ever wavering in her support of my vision for this district. I must also thank my campaign manager, Madalena McNeil. Without these two women working so hard and giving so much of themselves, I could never have achieved this victory.

I also want to thank all of you- so many staff and volunteers worked round-the-clock to make this victory a reality. Whether you gave of your time or your money, I owe you a debt I can never hope to repay. I would like to especially thank Christine Passey, the Democratic candidate for HD44 in 2014 and 2016, who was an inspiration for me and so many others to jump into the fray of difficult elections.

Very soon, we will start the business of governing- I'd love to hear from each and every one of you in this district about what matters most to them, what they think of bills I'll hopefully have the opportunity to vote on, and anything else that matters to this community. Thank you for your support, and I hope to soon be able to call myself your representative.


Commentary: We must not be victimized by the silence of the culture

In the midst of Election Day chaos, I want to acknowledge my Campaign Manager, Madalena, for this thoughtful piece about the death of Lauren McCluskey. My work with survivors of domestic violence has always been a core motivating factor in this campaign. Regardless of what happens tonight, there is work to do here in Utah, and I intend to be part of that progress. #Utah1in3

Thank you to our printers! #UnionStrong

We wanted to take a moment to thank our printers, who worked tirelessly to meet demanding deadlines for our campaign and many others. These are just a few samples printed by local 7704 members, like Shane Lyon and Rudy Chacon.

Supporting unions is about better wages, benefits, and hours for each and every Utahn. We’ve been putting our money where our mouth is since day one of this campaign- and we’ll be committed to defending the labor rights of everyday Utahns from day one in office.


Today is the last day to register to vote online!

Today, October 30, is the 🚨last day🚨to electronically register to vote!* It’s a super-easy 3 minute process, so register now!

1. Go to, and click on Voter Info/Track Ballot (blue arrow). Enter your information and click submit- if it doesn’t look like you’re registered...

2. Click Register to Vote (red arrow), which takes you to a new page.

3. On the new page, click Register to Vote (green arrow). Answer the prompts and in a matter of moments you’ll be registered to vote!

Democracy is at its best if everyone participates. Please vote, and encourage your friends, your family, your coworkers, your congregation- everyone. Let’s all build this community together.

*If you see this too late, you CAN register on Election Day at your polling place- but this is easier and keeps lines short!


What's your plan to vote?

Election day is just a week away. Everything we've worked to build together is coming to a head.

We've built an extraordinary foundation of grassroots support for Andrew's vision for District 44. To make that vision a reality, we need your vote. The best way to be sure your vote will be cast and counted? Make a plan!

Know where your ballot is. Know where your polling place is. Check your registration. Write down a plan to ensure that your voice is heard next week. Together, we have the power to shape our future.

My plan to vote is complete - I already mailed my ballot in, and so did thousands of you across the district. What’s your plan?


A Note on a Difficult Week

This week has tested us. Throughout the nation and here at home, the headlines have been filled with terrorism, death, and violence, rooted one of humanities’ deepest flaws- our urge to divide ourselves into us and them, friends and enemies, winners and losers, predators and prey.

I don’t want to live in a world like that. I feel, like many of you, a calling to build a better world from the pieces of this damaged one. Building it anew will not be easy. We’ve fallen far in recent years. The bricks are loose, the mortar is crumbling.

Each of you reading this is a new brick, and your faith in yourselves and in each other is fresh mortar. In the midst of this tragic week, let’s renew our commitment to building something we can be proud of.


Today, I am painfully reminded of one of the major motivations behind my run for office: a desire to help end the epidemic of domestic and intimate partner violence in our state. This opinion piece was published several months ago, and I stand by every word. My experience as a victim advocate and prosecuting attorney has shown me that above all else, survivors deserve a better, more compassionate system — and everyone in Utah deserves to be safe from violence. #Utah1in3