Today is the last day to register to vote online!

Today, October 30, is the 🚨last day🚨to electronically register to vote!* It’s a super-easy 3 minute process, so register now!

1. Go to, and click on Voter Info/Track Ballot (blue arrow). Enter your information and click submit- if it doesn’t look like you’re registered...

2. Click Register to Vote (red arrow), which takes you to a new page.

3. On the new page, click Register to Vote (green arrow). Answer the prompts and in a matter of moments you’ll be registered to vote!

Democracy is at its best if everyone participates. Please vote, and encourage your friends, your family, your coworkers, your congregation- everyone. Let’s all build this community together.

*If you see this too late, you CAN register on Election Day at your polling place- but this is easier and keeps lines short!


What's your plan to vote?

Election day is just a week away. Everything we've worked to build together is coming to a head.

We've built an extraordinary foundation of grassroots support for Andrew's vision for District 44. To make that vision a reality, we need your vote. The best way to be sure your vote will be cast and counted? Make a plan!

Know where your ballot is. Know where your polling place is. Check your registration. Write down a plan to ensure that your voice is heard next week. Together, we have the power to shape our future.

My plan to vote is complete - I already mailed my ballot in, and so did thousands of you across the district. What’s your plan?


A Note on a Difficult Week

This week has tested us. Throughout the nation and here at home, the headlines have been filled with terrorism, death, and violence, rooted one of humanities’ deepest flaws- our urge to divide ourselves into us and them, friends and enemies, winners and losers, predators and prey.

I don’t want to live in a world like that. I feel, like many of you, a calling to build a better world from the pieces of this damaged one. Building it anew will not be easy. We’ve fallen far in recent years. The bricks are loose, the mortar is crumbling.

Each of you reading this is a new brick, and your faith in yourselves and in each other is fresh mortar. In the midst of this tragic week, let’s renew our commitment to building something we can be proud of.


Today, I am painfully reminded of one of the major motivations behind my run for office: a desire to help end the epidemic of domestic and intimate partner violence in our state. This opinion piece was published several months ago, and I stand by every word. My experience as a victim advocate and prosecuting attorney has shown me that above all else, survivors deserve a better, more compassionate system — and everyone in Utah deserves to be safe from violence. #Utah1in3

Rest in Peace, Lauren McCluskey

Last night, many of us stayed up in fear, texting or calling loved ones at the University of Utah campus to make sure they were safe. As an alumni, I couldn’t help imagining the fear that gripped the students on campus. This morning, we woke to find that another young life has been tragically cut short by the epidemics of intimate partner violence and gun violence.

Lauren McCluskey was a senior at the University of Utah, majoring in Communications and a star of the track team. She came to Salt Lake City from Pullman, Washington, where she is survived by a loving family. Across the states of Utah and Washington, Lauren’s loved ones are experiencing the unimaginable grief that comes from losing someone so suddenly and violently.

I am holding Lauren and her friends and family in my heart. As we wait for details to emerge, please be aware that classes are cancelled at the University of Utah campus. Students, services are open — please take advantage of them. If you need help getting access to grief counselors or workers who specialize in domestic and intimate partner violence, please DM our page.

Students should not have to live in fear of gun violence. Women should not have to live in fear of their partners, current or former. I’m running for state legislature because I care about these issues and will work to find solutions. Utah deserves better than inaction.


Utah Sierra Club Fall Harvest Party

We’re having a great time at the Utah Chapter Sierra Club Fall Harvest Party! Public lands and clean air are critical to all Utahns, regardless of where you live in our beautiful state. The air we breathe and the land we love should never be partisan issues.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Utah Sierra Club and look forward to continued collaboration. Thanks for an amazing event!#FruitsofActivism


One month countdown!

Only one month until Election Day! I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make our campaign succeed. In the last four weeks, I am committed to bringing this victory home -- but it will take all of us to do it. Today we are asking supporters to take one (or all!) of the following actions:

- CONFIRM your voter registration at

- RECRUIT five friends to commit to vote, either when ballots drop next week, or on November 6th

- DONATE to help keep our campaign running!

- VOLUNTEER to knock doors, make phone calls, or be part of our Election Day team

All of these steps and more can be taken at our website, These next few weeks are critical, and if I'm elected, I promise to work hard for you every single day that I'm a member of the Utah legislature. Let's make this happen!


Response to Proposed MedC Compromise

The framework for MedC legislation released today looks like a step in the right direction. I'm pleased to see Utah's legislature beginning to listen to the unmistakable message Utah's citizens are sending- sick people deserve access to medicine that will help them. Whatever happens at the ballot box in November, Utah will have a MedC program.

Make no mistake, however- this wouldn't be happening at all without the tireless work of TRUCE and the overwhelming statewide support for Prop 2. I continue to support the proposition. It is a better solution than what we have now, and passing it will place appropriate pressure on Utah's legislators to heed the will of the people who elected them.


Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Today is National Voter Registration Day! Whether you’re a lifelong voter or a first-timer, you can find great information at sure to check your status, update your address if needed, and prepare for midterms in six weeks!

First time voters - you can register online, and if you need help, there are great organizations like Voterise who have your back. Your vote counts!