UTAH FOUNDATION: Utah Foundation’s Quality of Life Index Declines Despite Strong Economy

This week, Utah Foundation released their study of Utah's Quality of Life Index. Their assessment found that Utah's Quality of Life Index is declining, despite the strong economy -- and financial security is the lowest performing factor on their Personal Quality of Life Index.

I've said this before: a supposedly "strong economy" does not always reflect the struggles of middle class and low-income workers. There should not be a trade off between a thriving economy and a healthy, happy workforce. That's why I'm committed to increasing financial security outcomes by making quality education accessible to all Utahns, and expanding the reach and resources of apprenticeship and trade school programs. Financial stability starts with opportunity, and education is the number one way to create diverse, fulfilling opportunities for all.

Read more from their study at this link: http://www.utahfoundation.org/…/utah-foundation-2018-quali…/