Tier 2 Retirement is Hurting Public Servants

While knocking doors yesterday, one of my volunteers spoke to a voter about Utah's choice to slash retirement benefits for public safety workers hired after 2010- requiring an additional five years of service and cutting 25% of the benefits.

As you can imagine, hiring and retention for state government jobs has been severely impacted since this change. Workers are not only required to work longer for fewer benefits, but receive unequal compensation with their peers based solely on their hiring date. We will continue to face difficulties hiring and retaining young, talented public servants if we cannot offer competitive benefits.

There is no one solution to an issue this complex -- but we cannot simply ignore the problem and hope it works itself out. As a representative for House District 44, I will commit to working closely with the legislature and state government employees to come up with innovative solutions that support workers while keeping our economy strong. Just this week, a Utah firefighter gave his life on the job- we owe these men and women much more than half measures.