Paid parental leave: a win for Utah

Part 2 of our labor issue spotlight: Paid parental leave. Families are the building blocks of Utah's communities, and parents shouldn't be forced to make a choice between providing for their families financially and being present when they are needed most.

Paid parental leave is a program that costs employers little and means the world to new babies and their parents. Utah should provide several weeks of paid parental leave for state employees becoming new moms and dads, and tax incentives for companies to do the same.

As Rep. Elizabeth Weight said earlier this year, paid parental leave is an issue of "when," not "if." Utah should lead the way, and in doing so create conditions for healthier families and a happier, more productive workforce.

I would also be remiss not to mention my friend Dustin Gettel, Midvale City Council Member, who led the charge to bring paid parent leave to Midvale this year. We need leaders in our state and our communities who will step up and continually reaffirm their commitment to Utah's families and workers.