Have you met ALICE?

Have you met ALICE?

ALICE is a rapidly growing class of our society -- the millions of Americans who live on the brink of financial ruin, working 40 hours a week but still not always able to pay the bills. ALICE earns above the federal poverty level, but cannot afford the necessities of keeping a household strong -- instead, having to choose between healthcare and child care, transportation and food, paying the rent or paying the bills.

ALICE is 40% of Americans, according to emerging data from United Way -- which means ALICE is most likely you, or someone you know.

ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed -- and more tangibly, ALICE represents the erosion of the American dream.

There are a host of factors that contribute to this unconscionable lack of prosperity in the richest country on earth, but one that cannot be denied is decades of attacks on the working class -- through weakening of unions, stagnant wages, and prioritization of corporate profits. There is no more room for the status quo, and it is far past time for Utah to put workers and communities first. We cannot afford to toe the party line. Bold action must be taken to restore middle-class values and prosperity. As your Utah legislator, I pledge to be bold, to put workers first, and to take actions that benefit the middle class and work to restore the American dream for the people of Utah.

Learn more at https://www.unitedwayalice.org