A future for all Utahns

Happy almost-Friday! We're continuing this week's issue spotlight on labor with a discussion of job training. Utah's economy is a powerful and efficient engine, but industries change and hard working Utahns are left jobless through no fault of their own. Utah's legislature must not leave behind those whose skills may lose value as the economy grows and technology improves.

As we move into the future, it is clear that technology will continue to be a core piece of Utah's economic landscape -- but as we pursue this energetic growth, we have to be conscious of folks whose livelihoods may become obsolete.

Individuals who find themselves jobless should receive energetic support from the state, ensuring that they build new skills and capitalize on their existing experience to continue to earn a living. We owe jobs of the past for opportunities of the future, and retraining those who held those jobs is one way to thank them for their contribution to Utah's economy.