Today's Vote on Proposition 2

On today’s Prop 2 vote: I stand with my fellow House Democrats on supporting the ballot initiative, and opposing the compromise. As an attorney and prosecutor, I am well aware of the problems with the proposition as written. I would have voted for and still support a bill that fixes those problems while remaining true to the vision of the strong majority of Utah citizens voted in favor of it. (For example, the bill Rebecca Chavez-Houck proposed, which was voted down along party lines.)

The lame duck legislature, including your former house district 44 legislator Bruce Cutler - who was defeated by my campaign while I ran on the issue of supporting Prop 2 - passed a major rewrite of Prop 2 that makes it work much less well for the patients who need it without really addressing the problems.

My thoughts are with the patients, families, volunteers, and voters who were let down by their representatives today. Many of you are disappointed, scared, and deeply saddened, as am I. As soon as I am sworn in, I will work to correct this undemocratic action by your former legislator and restore the will of the people.