Rest in Peace, Lauren McCluskey

Last night, many of us stayed up in fear, texting or calling loved ones at the University of Utah campus to make sure they were safe. As an alumni, I couldn’t help imagining the fear that gripped the students on campus. This morning, we woke to find that another young life has been tragically cut short by the epidemics of intimate partner violence and gun violence.

Lauren McCluskey was a senior at the University of Utah, majoring in Communications and a star of the track team. She came to Salt Lake City from Pullman, Washington, where she is survived by a loving family. Across the states of Utah and Washington, Lauren’s loved ones are experiencing the unimaginable grief that comes from losing someone so suddenly and violently.

I am holding Lauren and her friends and family in my heart. As we wait for details to emerge, please be aware that classes are cancelled at the University of Utah campus. Students, services are open — please take advantage of them. If you need help getting access to grief counselors or workers who specialize in domestic and intimate partner violence, please DM our page.

Students should not have to live in fear of gun violence. Women should not have to live in fear of their partners, current or former. I’m running for state legislature because I care about these issues and will work to find solutions. Utah deserves better than inaction.