Could every Utah high school have a designated College Advisor?

Amazing news: The Utah State Board of Regents just voted unanimously to ask the legislature for funding to put a college access adviser in every Utah public high school. This is an important step that could have incredible implications for education access and student success.

College access advisers help students with the entire process, including connecting them to first-year experience programs on campus once they are admitted. They help counselors shoulder their enormous workloads, provide another point of contact for students, and are able to focus on the college process in order to more specifically serve applicants.

I am so excited about this news, and even more excited at the thought of working with folks in the legislature to get this initiative going. This campaign has real implications for students and families across the state -- every door you knock, every phone call you make, every dollar you donate goes toward ensuring that there is another voice for education access and school funding in the 2019 legislature. Let's do this!