UTAH FOUNDATION: Utah Foundation’s Quality of Life Index Declines Despite Strong Economy

This week, Utah Foundation released their study of Utah's Quality of Life Index. Their assessment found that Utah's Quality of Life Index is declining, despite the strong economy -- and financial security is the lowest performing factor on their Personal Quality of Life Index.

I've said this before: a supposedly "strong economy" does not always reflect the struggles of middle class and low-income workers. There should not be a trade off between a thriving economy and a healthy, happy workforce. That's why I'm committed to increasing financial security outcomes by making quality education accessible to all Utahns, and expanding the reach and resources of apprenticeship and trade school programs. Financial stability starts with opportunity, and education is the number one way to create diverse, fulfilling opportunities for all.

Read more from their study at this link: http://www.utahfoundation.org/…/utah-foundation-2018-quali…/


Endorsed by Equality Utah

I am honored to have received the endorsement of Equality Utah for House District 44. Please make sure that regardless of where you live, you check their Voter Guide to see how your candidates scored. This upcoming legislative session will be critical for LGBTQIA+ issues, particularly as they apply to our youth. As your legislator, I will be a strong advocate for positive change. https://www.equalityutah.org/resources/voter-guide


SLTRIB: Kat Martinez - "Expanded Medicaid would support Utah families"

"Proposition 3 provides access to Medicaid for more than 150,000 Utahns who are earning under $17,000 per year for individuals, or parents earning less than $34,000 per year for a family of four.

It ensures hard-working Utahns who earn a promotion or work more hours won’t have their health care taken away.

It helps Utahns onto the path of self-reliance as they pull themselves out of poverty.

Medicaid rewards hard work instead of punishing it by cutting off a family’s health care. Utah is the most family-friendly state and Medicaid supports families."

This is an excellent piece by healthcare advocate Kat Martinez, and it gets to the core of why I am so proud to support Prop 3: Utah Decides. Working people and working families deserve to live without fear of being sent into financial ruin by any minor health issue. Medicaid expansion will protect families, create jobs, and improve our economy's health. I'm voting yes, and I hope you will too.

OP-ED: To be a family values state, Utah must work to end domestic violence

As a prosecutor and longtime victim advocate, I see firsthand the impact of domestic and intimate partner violence on Utah's communities. We cannot claim to be a state of family values without addressing this issue head-on. As your legislator, I will not shy away from the epidemic of domestic violence in Utah, but will work collaboratively with colleagues in the legislature to implement solutions that keep people and families safe. https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2018/09/11/commentary-be-family/


Come Knock Doors with Ben McAdams AND Andrew Stoddard!

Andrew Stoddard for HD44 and Ben McAdams for CD4 are teaming up for a joint canvassing event on Saturday September 15th! All levels of experience encouraged to attend. Come out with these two great candidates to talk to voters and make sure we flip some seats in November!

We're meeting in Ben's West Jordan office inside the Gold Coast Plaza shopping center. Here's what you should bring:
- A fully charged cell phone (it's okay if you don't have one - we'll have a printed list for you)
- Water bottle
- Walking shoes

We'll provide door lists, fliers, training, and two candidates you can believe in!

Questions? Email info@voteandrewstoddard.com or text Madalena at 571-289-6060

DNEWS: "Labor shortage? Utah construction businesses concerned about availability of workers, report finds"

Utah is the third fastest-growing state in the nation, and we must be consistently intentional in how we address that growth. I agree with General Contractors of America that improving the construction labor pool will require an increase of funding for career and technical education training, as well as an approach to immigration reform that increases opportunities for skilled laborers wishing to legally enter and work in the United States. Our nation is moving forward and we cannot allow progress to be impeded by antiquated systems and schools of thought. Change is coming, our future is bright and expansive, and Utah should be at the forefront of these movements rather than allowing our workers and communities to be left behind.

Dems Knocking Doors!

First shift is out! Thank you to Elise of College Democrats at the University of Utah and Q of Salt Lake County Democratic Party for showing up to knock doors today. I’m lucky to have passionate people out spreading the Democrat message of equality, justice, and prosperity for all. Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!

We’ve got shifts going this afternoon and all week - sign up for yours today at voteandrewstoddard.com/volunteer!


Great Night at the AARP Meet the Candidate BBQ!

Our team is out tonight with some great candidates at the AARP Utah Meet the Candidates BBQ! Thank you for hosting us and providing this wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle. Special shout-out to my fellow District 44 folks who came up to the heart of Salt Lake to meet their candidates! #utpol 

Representative Marie Poulson - Utah District 46

Representative Patrice Arent - Utah District 36 

Diane Lewis for House District 43

Ben McAdams for Congress

Senator Jani Iwamoto - Utah District 4

 Representative Carol Spackman Moss - Utah District 37


Urban Institute: Almost Half of Americans can't pay for their basic needs

Another study confirms what so many of us know from experience -- economic stability is no guarantee for working Americans, and the system isn't getting better. Working hard should never leave you empty-handed.

This is an issue that impacts all of us, regardless of personal financial circumstance, and it's been allowed to go on for too long. We need change, and that starts with electing new leaders -- leaders who take charge, put people before their party, and provide dynamic, bold solutions to the issues facing everyday Utahns.

"Holding a job also doesn't provide immunity to hardship, the study found. One of three families with at least one working adult said they had trouble meeting at least one basic need, such as paying for food or utilities.:

Monday Night Medicaid Talks: Prop 3 Midvale Town Hall

This is a big year for ballot initiatives, and I can’t wait to vote for Medicaid expansion. Every Utahn deserves quality, affordable healthcare, and the opportunity that comes with it.

Prop 3 would cover the gap for 150,000 people who either don't have coverage or don’t have adequate coverage — including 50,000 parents and 22,500 kids. Building better communities means building healthy communities, inside and out, and it starts here. Thank you Prop 3: Utah Decides for your incredible work! #YesOn3

The pay gap is widening, and workers are being left behind

"Regardless of how it is measured, CEO pay continues to be very, very high and has grown far faster in recent decades than typical worker pay. Higher CEO pay does not reflect correspondingly higher output or better firm performance. Exorbitant CEO pay therefore means that the fruits of economic growth are not going to ordinary workers...

Over the last several decades, CEO pay has grown much faster than profits, the pay of the top 0.1 percent of wage earners, and the wages of college graduates. CEOs are getting more because of their power to set pay, not because they are more productive or have special talents or more education. If CEOs earned less or were taxed more, there would be no adverse impact on output or employment."

There is no room for this kind of income inequality and exorbitant CEO pay in a society that claims to care for the middle class. Hard work should be rewarded, regardless of job title. As the economy expands, leaders at all levels must py attention to widening inequality, and prioritize measures that protect working people.

NYT: Trump's Power to Fire Federal Workers Curtailed by Judge

This is a great win for workers, and a great win for all of us. Strong unions make for strong communities. We must continue to support and strengthen labor protections, especially when they are constantly under attack by the current administration. #UnionStrong


"The orders, which were put in place across the government in July, had begun to create an atmosphere of fear among workers at many federal agencies.

'Employees are really frightened,' said Loni Schultz, a union official representing workers at the Social Security Administration in the Midwest. 'They’re frightened about losing jobs. They have house payments, car payments, child care.'"